About Us

We are a public education organization for sufferers. We launched our first website about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (ibsgroup.org) in 1995.  The Graves Disease community (livingwithgravesdisease.com) was first launched in 2000.  We launched the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Support Group (ibdsupport.org) website in 2011. These three sites were acquired by VerticalScope Inc. in 2014.

The MediBoard communities historically generated 3 million pageviews and had a reach of almost 300,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis.  5 million visits have been recorded on an annual basis.

MediBoard communities are for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for consultation with your health care provider.

Community websites are privately held by MediBoard Inc., a for-profit company (with a not-just-for-profit attitude).  Every partnership we develop must bring us closer to aligning patient and industry interests. Our end goal is to improve patient care and quality of life.  Funding is obtained primarily from the sale of advertising space. Our websites host advertisement banners and sponsored links. Advertisement is distinguished by the word “Advertisement”. Some funding to develop content is provided in the form of an unrestricted educational grant and content which was written under a grant, is labeled as such. Where content of our website has been used with permission, it is cited as such.

Revenues from advertising and affiliation go directly to funding the activities of our communities. Advertising and affiliation do not dictate editorial content. There is no implied endorsement of any sponsored product advertised on/through our website communities.

MediBoard.com cannot provide direct medical advice. If you have a medical concern then you should consult a healthcare professional. Our web sites are here to share information about diseases, programs and research. We are not able to offer medical, pharmaceutical or nutritional advice. Our highest priority is to raise awareness and to provide support for various illnesses.

The documents on our websites are the sole property of MediBoard Inc. They may not be redistributed or sold for profit in ANY WAY without consent of MediBoard Inc. Permission is granted for the copying of these documents ONLY for one’s own personal use or redistribution to others on a strictly informational and NON-profit basis, provided that: A.) these documents are not edited or modified in any way, B.) MediBoard Inc. is not held responsible or liable for its content and C.) this notice and the disclaimer below remain attached in their entirety.